5th Riviera Challenge and Nations Cup

Partouche Gammon Tour

Pictorial 1

The huge poster in front of the Palm Beach Casino heralding the Partouche Gammon Tour’s 5th Riviera Challenge and Nations Cup here in Cannes. The Partouche Group is doing great things for Backgammon and many players have told us how much they truly appreciate it.
Another poster on the stage in the playing room.
Tables in the Nations Cup are ready with the flags of each nation and those superb quality Partouche Gammon tournament boards made for this 2007 tour. On this table Greece was about to play Russia in Round 1.

Marjorie Serrano Blanco of Costa Rica does the public draw to decide in which groups eight of the 16 teams will play in.

The other eight teams were seeded.

Francois Tardieu (L) does some mental calculations on a position in France's Round 1 doubles consultation match again Slava Pryadkin and Leonid Riskin (front right) of The Ukraine team.
Alexandros Kolonias (hat) and Michael Strato play for Greece...
...versus Boris Mamporia (L) and Nodar Gagua of Russia in Round 1.
Andreas Humke (L) with Sven Rumcker play for Germany against Denmark's Morten Holm and Sander Lylloff.
Perry Gartner and Howard Markowitz (L) vs. Tom Zarrinam and Shabab Ghodsi representing Iran.
A scene of the elegant setting for this wonderful tournament.
All Nations Cup's matches are played with clocks allowing 15 second per move and 3 minutes per point.
One of the Partouche Gammon boards - is this really a double?



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