5th Riviera Challenge and Nations Cup

Partouche Gammon Tour

Pictorial 2

Masayuki Mochizuki of Japan (L) against Leonid Riskin of The Ukraine.
France's Francois Tardieu in his singles Nations Cup match against Alexandros Kolonias a fine Greek player, new on the tournament scene. Tardieu accidentally forgot about the time and his clock ran out at DMP, the match was recorded and can be seen in the Tournaments section.
Israel's Matvey "Falafel" Natanzon and Sammy Akirov (L) face Maya Peycheva and Casimir Tsarev of Bulgaria.
Denmark's Sander Lylloff (L) vs. Artur Muradian of Armenia.
Casimir Tsarev of Bulgaria (L) vs. Piergiorgio D'Acona of Italy.

Round 3 action Greeks Alexandros Kolonias and Michael Strato Liberopoulos (L) up against Howard Markowitz

and Carter Mattig of the USA.

Two of the world's top players, Masayuki Mochizuki of Japan (L)

versus Francois Tardieu of France.

Danish pro Morten Holm plays Armenia expert Avetis Rostomyan.
Front shot of Maya Peycheva and Casimir Tsarev the best of Bulgaria.
Laura Monaco and Piergiorgio D'Acona of Italy.
Avetis Rostomyan (L) and Artur Muradian of Armenia.
Boris Mamporia (L) and Nodar Gagua of Russia

Andy Bell playing with John Clark for the UK versus

"Falafel" Natanzon and Sammy Akirov of Israel.

Here are  "Falafel" and Sammy again.



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