5th Riviera Challenge and Nations Cup

Partouche Gammon Tour

Pictorial 6

Georgia versus France for third place in the Nations Cup. France won!
Audronis Zunde of the USA made it to Round 4 of the Main PGT Championship before being knocked out by Sander Lylloff of Denmark.
Alex Kolonias of Greece is playing in the semi-finals of the PGT Championship Consolation today... and hopefully the final later.

Haim Ennekavi of Turkey (L) faced Sander Lylloff of Denmark

in the Nations Cup singles.

Marco Santoroman of France up against Badri Cercvadze of Georgia

in the Nations Cup singles.

Ed 'O'Laughlin of USA versus Jürgen Orlowski of Germany.

The Turkish team of Haim Ennekavi and Hevzat Balli.

Morten Holm of Denmark (L) versus Haim Ennekavi of Turkey.
Ms. Julie Thabault who has recorded and transcribed more than 20 matches here so far - many will be made available to GammonLife.
Franck Stepler who writes chronicles for PartoucheGammon.



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