Sponsor Marc Rouah Offers Unique Watch to Winner of PGM
by Michael Strato - 30 November 2006
Player International presents another world’s first! Sponsor Marc Rouah and his company, the bespoke watchmaker Time-Wise S.A. of Switzerland, will be awarding a unique timepiece worth over $20,000 to the first-place winner of the PartyGammon Million tournament in The Bahamas this coming January.

The exclusive watch, specially designed with a backgammon theme, is now finished; here are a few images of some of the engraving tests that were done recently:







Dice are used for 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock while the bottom of the dial has a special finish representing a backgammon board.

Here are images of the front, back and side of the finished watch, which has a value of over $20,000:

Front of exclusive Marc Rouah watch going to winner of PGM


Back of exclusive Marc Rouah watch going to winner of PGM

Side of exclusive Marc Rouah watch going to winner of PGM

“It’s a Winner's watch to be presented to the Champion of the Main event at PartyGammon Million," said Stephen Pearson, Managing Director of Player International Ltd and organizer of the tournament. "This is another world's first in the game of backgammon by our team and we have improved on the value of what is offered in the world of Poker."


It is a coincidence that the same civilizations that invented the first version of backgammon more than 5,000 years ago were also the creators of the first clocks, or method of perceiving the time of day – the sundial – which, with its upright gnomon tends to remind us of  a triangle from a backgammon board.


And indeed, some of the literature available from Mr. Rouah’s company, Time-Wise S.A. relates to the same:


"For Millenaries, Men have been trying to measure time in order to organize their activities. Originally, the observance of the sun allowed them to estimate time and the Gnomon was invented. Looking for more freedom toward external elements, Men imagined Clepsydra then finalized the Hour-Glass.

"Thereafter, their will for accuracy impelled them to create the Clock, which, bit by bit, miniaturized itself to become a Watch. These days, thanks to his patience and talent, the Watchmaker, creates rare and original pieces of an extreme accuracy.”


Marc Rouah is based in Geneva and has devoted more than 20 years of passion and inventions conceiving mechanical watches that push further the limits. Manufactured in limited edition, with the most precious materials, each timepiece from Marc Rouah gives birth to a real piece of art exclusively meant for a few privileged.


The watch factory is on a 17th century farm in the countryside near Geneva.



“We have made some special watches for famous customers. As you can understand I can't reveal their names. However, from the photos I am sending you, you'll recognise one that was made for a very famous football player. Another one went across the North Pole,” Marc Rouah tells GammonLife.

Here are some of the exquisite watches made by Time-Wise S.A.:





Marc Rouah watches are available directly at the Manufacture in Versoix, Switzerland and are distributed mainly by YAFRIRO in Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

Marc is an avid backgammon player as well, “As I play a lot of backgammon myself, I know quite a bit about its history, especially thanks to Iranian opponents. I even tried, without success, to organize a backgammon tournament in Saint Maarten a few years ago. I will be in the Bahamas for this exciting and historic tournament in January and look forward to meeting the players,” Rouah said.





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