Player International Planning
World Backgammon Tour

by GammonLife Staff - 23 November 2006
Player International Ltd of the UK, owners of GammonLife.com and the organizers of the World’s first-ever Million Dollar backgammon tournament, today announces plans for a World Backgammon Tour to be entitled "Backgammon International" as well as the creation of a new international Backgammon Federation.

Here is the official press release:


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Player International Planning World Backgammon Tour

London, England – November 23, 2006 - Player International Ltd, organizers of the World’s first ever Million Dollar backgammon tournament taking place January 21-25, 2007 at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas, today announces ambitious plans for a World Backgammon Tour – BACKGAMMON INTERNATIONAL - and the creation of an international Backgammon Federation.

Stephen Pearson, Managing Director of Player International and the leading website www.gammonlife.com, outlined the plans for the string of events that will be created under the Tour umbrella.

“We will be organizing a series of three very significant events in 2007 in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Each event will be guaranteeing prize money upwards of $500,000 with a one-off spectacular event at the end of the Tour,” Pearson said earlier today in London.

The TV rights for this unique series are currently being finalized. People said that the Million event could never be done – we have focused all our efforts into delivering to the players the biggest tournament ever in backgammon history. Capitalising on the success of the million we will continue to expand the provision of big prize money events to more countries.

Additionally, Player International will be unveiling a new Backgammon Federation that will become an umbrella organization for the game of Backgammon with a leading figurehead as President of the organization, shortly to be announced.

“We are committed to the successful development of backgammon,” added Pearson, “and intend to establish a distinguished and credible federation for the good of the game and the players, to establish backgammon as a great international sport.”

Player International is a London based company with offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Paris and Copenhagen.



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