World Series of Backgammon to Have €160,000 - Season II Event with Gus Hansen as Commentator
Press Release - World Series of Backgammon - 20 July 2007

The World Series of Backgammon, Season II, is returning to Eurosport 1 and 2, from September 07 with a WSOB Championship™ Shoot-Out Decider to Win EUR160,000.

Press Release

Gus Hansen announced as commentator for World Series of Backgammon, Season II, returning to Eurosport 1 and 2, from September 07

Three Big-Money Events

New WSOB Championship™ Shoot-Out Decider to Win EUR160,000

20 July 2007 - World Series of Backgammon Enterprises announced today that Gus Hansen has joined John Clark as co-commentator and host Jessie Cantrell to complete the new World Series of Backgammon (WSOB) presentation team.


Gus Hansen is a professional poker and backgammon player, widely regarded as the best dual discipline player in the world and winner of the 2007 Aussie Millions poker and 4-time WPT title winner. John Clark, an experienced backgammon and poker commentator, is an acclaimed backgammon player who has been ranked UK #1 for much of the past decade. Jessie Cantrell is the well known anchor of the Black20 News, the popular broadband entertainment network.

Jessie will be reporting for World Series of Backgammon, which is being televised across Europe on Eurosport 1 & 2. The dynamic trio will be following the action at three live events on the WSOB tour: the UK Masters from London, November 2007, the Nordic Open from Copenhagen, March 2008 and the Riviera Cup from Cannes in July 2008, before presenting the grand finale of series at the WSOB Championship, also from Cannes, creating four Champions from the second season.

Filming for the preview show starts in Cannes this week at the Partouche Gammon Tour’s Riviera and Nations Cup and will kick start the series which begins broadcasting on Eurosport 1 this September.

This year a new format for the World Series of Backgammon promises more prize money, more opportunities for players to get involved and even more chances to qualify:

• Eight top players from the three live events and eight online qualifiers will win EUR 10,000 seats for the WSOB Championship.

• The WSOB Championship finale will be held immediately following the conclusion of the 2008 Riviera Cup in Cannes and will see players compete in shootout-style, three-point matches, contrasting greatly with the longer match format to be used in the three WSOB championship events, the UK Masters, the TrueMoneyGames Nordic Open and the Riviera Cup.

• A number of online partners will announce a number of multi-entry level satellite events over the coming months to find eight of the Internet’s top players who will each win EUR10,000 seats, qualifying directly to the season-ending finale

• Online partners will also announce qualifying events for each of three live WSOB events to run throughout the year

• Live qualifying events will be held for Round 1 of the WSOB, the UK Masters at Casino at the Empire, Leicester Square, from September to November 2007.

Andy Bell, Producer for the WSOB, said: “Both the presentation and production teams are excited about bringing the story and tension of match-play backgammon back to the screens of millions of backgammon and poker players across Europe. The Series promises to be full of intriguing, skilful play, colourful personalities and I think a few surprises. Notably the new WSOB format is both innovative and challenging, connecting three of the world’s most prestigious events. We are confident that the growing gaming audience will find the content stimulating and educational.”



Videos clips of previous WSOB events can be seen on You Tube.



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