GammonLife Update: Recent News Items from the BG World
by Michael Strato - 02 October 2007
A brief update with recent news items from the backgammon world.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s been a few weeks since new content has been published on GammonLife.com. As you may know, the website is updated by Editor Michael Strato and his daughter, Publisher Kathy Liberopoulos. We have been away in Costa Rica attending family matters; Mr. Miguel Serrano Madrigal, the father of Marjorie Serrano Blanco (Michael’s wife and Kathy's mom) passed away, peacefully in his sleep, on the last day of August and the three of us caught the first flight to Costa Rica to attend his funeral services and the subsequent religious vigil, which goes on for a number of days.

Here is an article that summarizes a few backgammon news items from recent weeks.

Nack Ballard and Paul Weaver Release

Backgammon Openings Book A

Nack Ballard, Backgammon Giant #1, and Paul Weaver, Backgammon Giant #16, have just released their first book on how to play the early moves in backgammon. The book, Backgammon Openings Book A, is the first of several tomes they will publish on this subject.

It is a beautiful hard-cover book which has received rave reviews from many of the world's top players.

Visit Nack Ballard’s website where you can learn more about the new book, read a review on the book by Julian Fetterlein - and if you wish to purchase the book, please see these sections at Nack’s new website:

Backgammon Openings and Buy the New Book.

Götz Hildberg Triumphs at the Grand Finale

of the 2007 Partouche Gammon Tour

Competition was fierce at the Grand Finale of the 2007 PGT held Sept. 6-9, 2007 at Partouche’s luxurious casino in Grand Domaine de Divonne-Les-Bains, France where 29 players vied for €100,000 in added prize money.

When the last dice roll hit the board, it was Germany’s Götz Hildberg that emerged victorious over Denmark’s Morten Holm, Backgammon Giant #27, to take home the lion’s share of the prize money... a cool €60,000!

Götz Hildberg

PGT Grand Finale Champion


The semi-finalists in the Grand Finale were Thierry Manouck of France and Chris Ternel of England - the entire drawsheet for can be seen at this link.

Grand Domaine de Divonne-Les-Bains, was also the scene of the first main tournament of the 2008 Partouche Gammon Tour.  The main championship flight was won by Zoran Maric of Bosnia/France, who coincidentally also had to fend off Morten Holm of Denmark to grab the title. Zoran took home €25,000 for his victory.

Here is the full list of winners in that first PGT event of the 2008 season:

Divonne Open PGT 2008

Championship flight results (71 players)


Winner: Zoran Maric (Bosnia/France)

Runner-Up: Morten Holm (Denmark)

Semi-finalist:  Alain Babillon (France)

Semi-finalist: Andreas Humke (Germany)


Winner: François Tardieu (France)

Runner-Up: Frank Brinkmann (Germany)

Semi-finalist: Emmanuel Pantin de la Guère (France)  

Semi-finalist: David Todd (USA)

Last Chance

Winner: Mario Sequeira (Portugal)

Runner-Up: Miki Suzuki (France)

Chris Groutsos Wins WBF’s 16th

Mitteleuropa Backgammon Championship

After skipping a year due to renovations at the HIT Casino, the Worldwide Backgammon Federation (WBF) returned to its venue in Nova Gorica, Slovenia for their 16th Mitteleuropa Backgammon Championship & the 20th Italian Backgammon Championship held from August 31 to September 2, 2007.

Dr. Chris Groutsos

2007 Mitteleuropa Champion


The tournament attracted 102 players and the main Masters flight was won by Dr. Chris Groutsos of Greece while the Masters title of the 20th Italian Championship was taken by Nino Di Bella, full results are below:


Masters Flight (30)




Winner: Christos Groutsos (Greece)  

Runner-Up: Claus Weissbarth (Germany)  

Semi-finalist: Peter Bennet (England)

Semi-finalist: Nino Di Bella (Italy)  


Winner: Walter Jarc (Canada/Spain)  

Runner-Up: Federico Toledo (Italy)  

Semi-finalist: Andrea Riebler (Austria)

Semi-finalist: Werner Schmuck (Austria)

Last Chance

Winner: Ricardo Malas (Lebanon/Spain)  

Runner-Up: Jakob Garal (Ukraine/Germany)  

Masters Ladies Prize: Andrea Riebler (Austria) 


Champion Flight (36)



Winner: Vicenzo Di Clemente (Italy)  

Runner-Up: Riccardo Percacciolo (Italy)  

Semi-finalist: Thomas Leitner (Austria)

Semi-finalist: Giuseppe Ricciardi (Italy)  


Winner: Alfredo Maccallini (Italy)  

Runner-Up: Roberto Piccioni (Italy)  

Last Chance

Winner: Marco Tamigi (Italy)  

Runner-Up: Yannis Vallianos Greece) 

Champion Ladies Prize: Laura Monaco (Italy)

Intermediate Flight (36)


Winner: Massimo Trovò (Italy)  

Runner-Up: Maria Grigis (Italy)  

Semi-finalist: Fabio Gergolet (Italy)

Semi-finalist: Vittorio Molé (Italy)  


Winner: Charilaos Ladis (Greece)  

Runner-Up: Andrea Marfori (Italy)  

Last Chance

Winner: Alessandro Stradiotti (Italy)  

Runner-Up: Adriana Del Fabbro (Italy)

Intermediate Ladies Prize: Maria Grigis (Italy) 


Ladies Tournament (8)

Winner: Laura Monaco (Italy)

Runner-Up: Meltem Gücer (Turkey)


Warm-Up Heiner Haussleiter Memorial (53)

Winner: Walter Jarc (Canada/Spain)

Runner-Up: Roland Klein (Germany)


One-Point Torneo Del Presidente #1 (64)


Winner: Federico Toledo (Italy) 

One-Point Torneo Del Presidente #2 (64)  


Winner: Adriana Del Fabbro (Italy) 

Sperti Trophy (58)

Winner: Silvina Curros (Argentina)

Runner-Up: Adam Prager (Israel) 

20th Italian Championship

Masters Flight: Winner - Nino Di Bella 

Champion Flight: Winner - Vincenzo Di Clemente 

Intermediate Flight: Winner - Massimo Trovò


Next WBF tournament is this weekend October 5 - 7, 2007 in Seefeld, Austra - see the PDF flyer for the 10th Austrian Backgammon Open by clicking here.


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