Stephanie Kardos of Canada Chosen as Miss Gammon 2007
by Michael Strato - 11 December 2006
Stephanie Kardos of Toronto, Canada was selected this past weekend by Player International to be Miss Gammon 2007. The 23-year-old aspiring actress and model will fly to The Bahamas next month to promote the game of Backgammon and meet the players competing in the PartyGammon Million tournament.

Stephanie was very emotional upon receiving the great news over the phone, “I won Mom,” she shrieked across the room, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so happy and excited. I think PartyGammon Million will be a wonderful experience. I want to help make backgammon more popular because I truly love this game.”

Stephanie has played Backgammon regularly since she first learnt the game from her grandfather when she was only five years old. She has pursued modeling and acting and has appeared in numerous television commercials and music videos in Canada and has also been an extra in several movies and TV shows.

The winner was chosen by a three-member panel of judges comprised of executives from Player International who spent many hours

 Stephanie Kardos

reviewing curriculum vitae and photos as well as answers to a special questionnaire that was sent to each of the 14 candidates that entered the contest.

“Miss Gammon 2007 wins an all-expense paid trip to The Bahamas to attend the PartyGammon Million backgammon tournament at the Atlantis Resort from Jan 21 to 25, 2007,” said Stephen Pearson, Managing Director of Player International, “Stephanie will promote backgammon and get to meet many of the world’s top players, and will also be the face of GammonLife.com for the next 12 months”.

Canadian-born Stephanie is single and co-owns a concierge business in Toronto with her mother Maria. She speaks three languages - English, French and Greek - and has a Bachelor of Arts - English Major from the University of Toronto.

When asked how she would attract more women to the game, Stephanie responded with several suggestions including, “Bring the game to Universities – especially sororities. You could create competitions in each sorority and then have university-wide competitions as well.”

And when asked, “Who is your favourite backgammon player?” Stephanie countered with “I admire all great backgammon players”.

Kudos to Stephanie Kardos – Miss Gammon 2007!





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