Top Players Now Registering for PartyGammon Million as Qualifiers Continue Online
by Michael Strato - 26 September 2006
Nack Ballard


The seats for the PartyGammon Million tournament are filling up fast with some of the world’s top players confirming their participation. Several others have won their entry and travel packages in online qualifiers at PartyGammon.

Here is the most recent news items on PartyGammon Million

as of today's date of September 26, 2006:


Nack Ballard (in photo above), the #1 player in the world, 2006 World Champion Philip Vischjager, 1994 World Champion Frank Frigo, and other top Championship players such as Jake Jacobs, Frank Talbot and Ed Olaughlin have confirmed they will play in this historical event.

(Update October 22, 2006) - The following players are also now registered or pre-registered: Gus Hansen, Mike Svobodny, Bill Robertie, Frank Frigo, Ronald Reinhardt, Ray Fogerlund and all the top Danish players have said they will be registering soon.

The PartyGammon Million tournament will be held January 21 to 25, 2007 at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas and will distribute a minimum of $1,000,000 in prize money. Some 30 other top players are in the process of registering as well. For a brochure on this event in PDF form, click here.


The first player to qualify online was Mr. John Fooladi of the USA. John, who plays as plisson on PartyGammon, won the first $440 package-winning qualifier on Saturday, August 26, 2006.


We spoke to Nack Ballard about the tournament and he believes that the PartyGammon Million event will be a smash hit!

Nack told GammonLife:


“I have every reason to believe that the PartyGammon Million tournament, on Paradise Island this January, will be a huge success. It has all the earmarks:


· “PartyGammon is sponsoring it - the one-million dollar prize money couldn’t be more ‘guaranteed’.


· “It is the brain child of the brilliant Stephen Pearson (and his company, the organizers, Player International).


· “Michael Strato, a man of great ingenuity and reliability, has been tirelessly helping to organize it.


· “Howard Markowitz and his crew are the highly qualified and competent tournament directors.


“This is the one tournament that you will not want to miss. And if it is the smash that I expect, it promises a great future for glamorous (live) backgammon events, perhaps even surpassing the popularity of those in the 70s.”



Online qualifier John Fooladi, who played in live backgammon events during the 1970s and 1980s, winning at least one major U.S. tournament organized at the time by the American Backgammon Championship group, and another big event held in The Bahamas, spoke to GammonLife recently and had this to say.


“I was really excited about winning the online qualifier on PartyGammon, I have played in many live backgammon events in the past and I look forward to attending this fantastic new tournament in The Bahamas.”

This is what the winner of a $12,500 package to PartyGammon Million sees on his computer screen after his final roll?



PartyGammon has partnered with the Worldwide Backgammon Federation and are sponsoring the upcoming 9th Austrian Open and 3rd Caribbean Open tournaments. PartyGammon will award a free entry to the PartyGammon Million tournament to the first-place winner of the Masters flight in each of these two WBF events. The prize is worth $10,000 and gives you one of the 128 seats in the tournament. Please note that it does not include hotel and flight and that the prize is transferable if you already have a seat in the event.


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