Walter Trice - Backgammon Giant and a GammonLife Columnist Passes On at 60 Years Old
by Michael Strato - 23 August 2009
Walter Trice of the USA
Walter Trice of the USA, a Backgammon Giant and the #8 player on the All-Time Standings of the American Backgammon Tour passed away on Sunday, August 23, 2009 at his home in Massachusetts - he was 60 years old.
Walter was the author of Backgammon Boot Camp, one of the most recommended books for beginner and intermediate players, and he was a GammonLife.com columnist. GammonLife Editor Michael Strato inspired Walter to write the series of 57 online articles that later became the book Backgammon Boot Camp.

The staff of GammonLife sends our deepest condolences to Walter Trice's family.

In his honour, Walter's famous Effective Pip Count will be known from now until eternity as the Trice Count.

Marty Storer wrote on BGOnline.org:

"I knew Walter for almost 20 years. He was a friend and a great guy. He had an enormous intellect and a passion for knowledge, shown by his prolific and wonderful backgammon writings. Backgammon Boot Camp is his best backgammon legacy. I believe it's the single most useful backgammon book that exists or possibly ever will.

"Walter's contributions to the backgammon community were immense. He freely shared what he knew. He was a true gentleman and scholar, as well as being a very tough competitor. I and the world will miss him sorely."

Walter Trice Memorial Service

A memorial service for Walter Trice was held on Saturday, September 12 at 1 p.m. at O'Connor Brothers Funeral Home, 592 Park Avenue, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.



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