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GammonLife.com is a free backgammon website and a favorite of players from the international backgammon community. We're all about the real life of backgammon. GammonLife publishes a wide variety of content by some of the best backgammon writers in the world and we have provided live, daily news coverage from some of the most important backgammon tournaments in the world.

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GammonLife thanks all the writers who have kindly contributed content to our site and to these other people who have made monetary contributions:

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Readers Comments

Here are some of the many compliments received from our readers:


Sondre Rike

Keep up the excellent work bringing news to the backgammon world. Looking forward to some brilliant reports from Monte Carlo!

Watch out for the Norwegian vikings!

Best wishes,

Sondre Rike

Chiva Tafazzoli

Dear Michael,

As always, tremendous job...


Hardy Hübener

Dear Michael,

Thanks for all your work for our game of backgammon!

Best regards,


Carol Joy Cole

Thanks for all your journalistic work. I check your website frequently for the updates, wishing I could be there!



C. Tusten Houchin

Dear Michael,

Thanks for your outstanding reporting! You really do a good job of making the game come alive. Give yourself a pat on the back.


C. Tusten Houchin hailing from the Peerless Princess of the Plains. Wichita Kansas!

Giorgio Castellano


Congrats for the very prompt and good coverage with news and pictures of the latest Backgammon tournaments.

Thanks for your great work,

Giorgio Castellano

Yancho Hristov

Congrats for the reports, you did a great job! You are number 1!

Hope to meet you soon!


Bjorn Bos
The Netherlands

First of all let me say that I really enjoy reading GammonLife. I have waited a long time for a quality backgammon website and now there finally is one.

As a backgammon lover I am still waiting for the game to gain popularity (like poker did some years ago) and websites like GammonLife can really make a difference.

Best regards,



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