Denmark vs. Georgia in Nations Cup Final - PGT Main Down to 8
by Michael Strato - 20 July 2007



CANNES, France: The Partouche Gammon Tour’s is in full swing here tonight at the Palm Beach Casino with players in the Main flights of the PGT Riviera Cup heading into the quarter-finals while Denmark and Georgia have just been announced as the Nations Cup Finalists.

The Riviera Cup event is the fourth of the PGT’s five scheduled events for 2007 and this one is last opportunity for competitors to earn points on the PGT ranking list and win a seat in the entry-free €100,000 grand finale at Grand Domaine de Divonne-Les-Bains in September.  Pia Jeppensen of Denmark is the current leader of the ranking list.

Each previous PGT event had a guaranteed €50,000 payout, and so far all have paid out that amount. However this stop in Cannes will shell out even more since the entry fees of 117 participants in the Main (at €450) plus 11 Main rebuys (which went like hotcakes) surpass the guaranteed €50,000. In fact with 11 other rebuys in the Main Consolation (at €50) the main event here will pay out a total of €58,150.

Here is the exact payout list for the Main can be seen in this image.

Meanwhile, the final four teams in the Nations Cup are all after a first place payout of €7,800 while €3,600 goes to second place, €2,000 to third and €1,000 to fourth.

France's Nations Cup team of (L to R) Alain Babillon,

Marco Santoroman and Francois Tardieu.

And there’s plenty of other great backgammon action happening here, and bundles of cash to be won – two 16-player €500 Super Jackpots, various 8-player mini-jackpots of €100, €50 and €20 are all in progress. A 64-player €10 1-pointer event is almost finished and another of 32 players has just begun. Plus there is also a 32-player Blitz in progress and a Ladies event taking place this weekend with special prizes in the form of fine jewellery offered by sponsor Babette Wasserman.

Due to popular demand, an 8-player Intermediate event was set up and is in progress while a Beginner event will also happen sometime this weekend.

All the current status of the players in the Main and the progressive Consolation flights is in our Tournaments section and is being updated once or twice a day. You can also keep track of the Nations Cup there... the last 8 players in the Main Championship flight have now emerged see their names here.

BREAKING NEWS... As we are writing this report in the tournament room, Director Eric Guedj announces that Georgia has just beat France in the Nations Cup and goes to the final against the winner between Denmark and Turkey!

The finalist Georgia Team of (L to R) Akaki Kikaleishvili, Nodar Melia,

Badri Cercvadze and Kakhaber Nachkebia.

France and that other team will play the “mini” Nations Cup tomorrow (Saturday) to dispute third place.

Many matches are being recorded here on camera and are being transcribed from video to Snowie files transcribes by the Partouche Gammon Team’s Julie Thabault. We will have three or four more new ones tomorrow.

MORE BREAKING NEWS... Another announcement on the loudspeakers, Denmark has just knocked out Turkey and goes to Sunday’s final against Georgia for the Nations Cup title. This is the second consecutive year Denmark makes it to the final... they lost last year... so better luck to them this time around!

Denmark's Nations Cup finalist team of (L) Sander Lylloff and Morten Holm.

The magnificent Turkish team of Haim Ennekavi and Hevzat Balli.


We will have the match file of the semi-final doubles match between Denmark and Turkey, and will upload it tomorrow afternoon after it has been analyzed by Snowie.



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