Danes wins 2007 Nations Cup - Lylloff vs. Hildsberg in PGT Final
by Michael Strato - 22 July 2007
The Danish team of Sander Lylloff and Morten Holm defeated their Georgian counterparts of Akaki Kikaleishvili, Nodar Melia, Badri Cercvadze and Kakhaber Nachkebia to take the 2007 Nations Cup Champions title here yesterday at the Partouche Gammon Tour’s Riviera and Nations Cup Backgammon Festival at the Palm Beach Casino.

Our report will be brief since the Nations Cup final ended at about 4 a.m. this morning (Sunday) and after catching a bit of shut-eye it is now past noon and we need to head back to the tournament room...

The Partouche Gammon Tour Riviera final between Gotz Hildsberg of Germany and this incredible Danish sensation of Sander Lylloff who continues to amaze the backgammon world.


In other news yesterday, France beat Turkey in the Nations Cup “mini” final to take third place, a Doubles Consultation ladder has been created and is visible in the Tournaments section along with all the other updates from this event so far and many more that will be added today.


You can also see five new pictorials published yesterday from the 2007 World Championships Awards Ceremony marked New! lower down in the Tournaments section where our World Championship coverage can still be found – click here to go to the exact spot where these new pictorials are.

See the last five minutes of the Nations Cup final in this exciting video clip.

Akaki Kikaleishvili and Badri Cercvadze (C) of Georgia

who played the final Doubles match against...

...Denmark's Sander Lylloff and Morten Hold (standing).

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