19th WBF European Backgammon Championships

Pictorial 1

The digital sign at the entrance to Velden announcing the tournament.
Antonio Pierattelli and Matteo Pellicciotta of the WBF staff hard at work.
Michael Strato doing the public draw of the Sperti Trophy event.
Tournament Director Marco Fornasir helping players to pair up and play.
Players competing in last night's events.

Dr. Jakob Garal (L) of the Ukraine with his match recording board and Vitalij Misiura, his assistant and programmer. Jakob was celebrating

his 55th birthday last night.

Renato Sovani of Italy aims to take home a title.
Damian Plesec, a well-known European player from Slovenia.
WBF President Alberto da Pra with his wife Maria.
More action from last night on one side of the tournament room...
...and more happening on the other side here.
One of the very nice hotels where some of us are staying.
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