19th WBF European Backgammon Championships

Pictorial 7

Here are photos from the presentation of the trophies to winners in the main divisions and more...

All the winners from the various flights of the Intermediate Division.
All the winners from the various flights of the Champion Division.
All the winners from the various flights of the Masters Division. Just out of the picture to the right is Nodar Gagua of Georgia/Russia.
WBF President presents principal trophies to... Sureyya Sertasi of Turkey, Champion of Europe - Intermediate Division...
...Oliver Schneider of Germany, Champion of Europe - Champion Division...

...and Schmucki of Austria, main event winner,

and the new 2007 Champion of Europe, Masters Division!

All three new European champions together with WBF President da Pra.
Schmucki with his two big trophies and a very big smile.

Vice-Champion of Europe, Zbigniew Szczerek of Poland,

also goes home happy... maybe next year Zibi?

Casino Velden Director Resch and Tournament Director Fornasir thanked everyone for attending and said they look forward to seeing all again next year at the 20th annual European Championships... and it will be a very special one.
My favorite scene at this tournament, most of the 16 players that attended from Turkey with all the trophies they proudly earned at this great event... bye bye!
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