32nd World Backgammon Championships

Pictorial 8 - Award Ceremony - Part 4

Simonetta Barone-Herrera of the UK receives the Courtesty Trophy.  

Jake Jacobs of the USA was awarded the Travel Trophy which goes to a player who has travelled from far away. Jake is based in the Far East

and his trip to Monaco took somewhere between

25 and 30 hours with no sleep.  

The Sharks of Italy, Winners of the Fortis World Team Championship.  
Maya Peycheva of Bulgaria won the Ladies Prizes in the Championship.
Masayuki Mochizuki of Japan - Winner of the Championship Last Chance. 
Didier Assaraf of France - Semi-Finalist Championship 2nd Consolation.
Jan Jacobowitz of Germany - Semi-Finalist Championship Main.
Richard Munitz of the USA - Semi-Finalist Championship Main.
Amor Boulkertous of France - Semi-Finalist Beginner 1st Consolation.
Boris Mamporia of Russia - Semi-Finlaist Beginner Main.

Erkky Aimonen and Jaako Salava of Finland

Runner-Ups Tennis Men's Doubles Tournament.


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