32nd World Backgammon Championships

Pictorial 3 - The Gala Dinner

The Sporting Club begins to fill. In the background, players can be seen entering through a door that allowed them to walk across the stage. Ricky Martin performed here recently, Jose Feliciano is on stage tomorrow and just a few other entertainers scheduled here in July and August are people like Julio Iglesias, Liza Minelli and Tom Jones.
The entrees are ready to be served. Some 30 or 40 waiters and waitresses distributed the four-course meal to the players. The entree was marinated salmon and grilled salmon and the main dish was duck. It is close to 9 p.m. but still light outside.
Another pic of the Sporting Club, it seemed as if there were more people here than players registered in the tournament. This is how it works - each backgammon player get a free ticket plus one for a companion as part of the registration fee. If they do not wish to attend they can sell their tickets to someone else, and if attendance at the event is low, the extra tickets are sold to others living in Monte Carlo, or even others visiting here.
The entertainment began with this band - they sang many modern and popular songs and their music and voices were right on.
Here is a view from the side of the stage. It's getting dark out there.
Here is another from in front of the stage. The Sporting Club's roof slides open and you dine under the stars, and the moon when it's around.
Behind those pillars in the background is a balcony that looks over the Mediterranean Sea, let's go see what's happening there.
Denmark's Sander Lylloff and Henrik Gwinner. Sander is considered to be the hottest player in the world at this moment.

USA's Carter Mattig and his girlfriend Christina toast with Kenji Shimodaira, head of the Japanese Backgammon League,

who is still alive in the main.

Looking back to the Fairmont Hotel from the balcony - it's right on top of that the point or peninsula that you see in the distance.
Sander Lylloff and Katja Spillum share a tender moment.
Then we were entertained by singers and dancers - everyone we spoke to afterwards said they really loved the show.
Partouche Gammon Director and CEO Eric Guedj says hi. We will be with him next week when our coverage continues from the Partouche Gammon Tour’s 5th Riviera Challenge and Nations Cup in Cannes.
Carter Mattig's girlfriend Christina with Jinelle Girard of Canada.

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