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 - Monday, May 14, 2007

 - Sunday, May 13, 2007

 - Saturday, May 12, 2007

 - Friday, May 11, 2007


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Backgammon Schmucki


19th European Backgammon Championship and 6th Velden Open

Held May 11-13, 2007 at Casino Velden, in Velden, Austria.

Minimum guaranteed prize money €10,000 - Winner takes €10,000.

Total money distribution at this event was €38,500.

Marco Fornasir, General Secretary of the Worldwide Backgammon Federation, has the pleasure to announce the results of the 19th European Backgammon Championships and 6th Velden Backgammon Open:

Masters Division - 36 players

Main winner: Schmucki - Austria
Main finalist: Zbigniew Szczerek - Poland
Main semi-finalist: Tassilo Rzymann - Austria
Main semi-finalist: Ricardo Malas - Lebanon/Spain

Final match score: 21-18


Consolation winner: Peter Raugust - Germany
Consolation finalist: Jakob Garal - Ukraine/Germany
Consolation semi-finalist: Adam Robak - Poland
Consolation semi-finalist: Nodar Gagua - Georgia/Russia

Final match score: 15-11


Last chance winner: Götz Hildsberg - Germany
Last chance finalist: Michel Serrero - France

Final match score: 7-4


Ladies Prize went to Andrea Riebler of Austria.


Champion Division - 37 players

Main winner: Oliver Schneider - Germany
Main finalist: Feza Diyarbekir - Turkey
Main semi-finalist: Raimund Specht - Germany
Main semi-finalist: Peter Winkler - Austria

Final match score: 17-15


Consolation winner: Marco Tamigi - Italy
Consolation finalist: Giuseppe Ricciardi - Italy
Consolation semi-finalist: Kristoffer Hötzeneder - Austria
Consolation semi-finalist: Stefano Selvi - Italy

Final match score: 13-11


Last chance winner: Arda Findikoglu - Turkey
Last chance finalist: Florin Popa - Romania/Italy

Final match score: 5-3

Ladies Prize (Not assigned)


Intermediate Division - 34 players

Main winner: Sureyya Sertasi - Turkey
Main finalist: Stefano Sinopoli - Italy
Main semi-finalist: Elfi Fritz Winkler - Austria
Main semi-finalist: Lorenzo Rinaldo - Italy

Final match score: 11-10


Consolation winner: Marius Cornelius Veres - Romania
Consolation finalist: Yalkin Erk - Turkey
Consolation semi-finalist: Fuat Erdag - Turkey
Consolation semi-finalist: Luca Clementi - Italy

Final match score: 11-3


Last chance winner: Alberto da Pra - Italy
Last chance finalist: Vasilios Kyrkos - Greece/Belgium

Final match score: 5-4

Ladies Prize went to Elfi Fritz Winkler - Austria


Ladies Tournament - 10 players

Winner: Seda Koc - Turkey
Finalist: Müge Altay - Turkey
Semi-finalist: Elfi Fritz Winkler - Austria
Semi-finalist: Delia Popa - Romania/Italy

Final match score: 9-3


Super Jackpot - 8 players

Winner: Piergiorgio d'Ancona - Italy
Finalist: Stefano Selvi - Italy

Final match score: 9-1


Warm-Up - 58 players

Winner: Zbigniew Szczerek - Poland
Finalist: Feza Diyarbekir - Turkey

Final match score: 5-3


Sperti Trophy - 56 players

Winner: Hormoz Shahrokhshahi - Germany
Finalist: Martin Barkwill - UK

Final match score: 5-1


One-Point Match Tournament - President's Tournaments

1st One-Point: Neculai Draganuta - Romania
2nd One-Point: Ayhan Serin - Turkey
3rd One-Point: Yalkin Erk - Turkey

Total attendance - 108 players:

Masters: 36 players
Champion: 37 players
Intermediate: 34 players
Plus one Ladies event participant that did not play in any of the main flights.


Players came from 24 Countries: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, French Antilles, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK and The Ukraine.

Director: Marco Fornasir - Italy

Tournament Committee: Alberto da Pra (WBF President); Martin Barkwill (UK); Nodar Gagua (Russia); Horst Ernst (Germany); Arda Findikoglu (Turkey); Michael Strato Liberopoulos (Canada); Ugo Mambri (Italy); Manos Mastorakis (Greece); Michel Serrero (France); Rainer Spörk (Austria); and Philip Vischjager (The Netherlands).



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