PartyGammon Million Pictorial #5

Uploaded on the evening of January 24.

We have been so busy formatting data for the ladders and pairings of this tournament that we have fallen behind on getting photos in (very time-consuming) but here come some four to five pages of with 15 photos each. These were taken from January 21-23. Hope you have a fast connection so the download is not too slow.

We have to take off to the tournament room soon to see the semi-finals tonight so the captions on these pix will be short. While you will see a variety of shots in the next few pictorial (see them listed in the Tournaments section), many are photos of players deep in thought and we purposely refrained from using the camera's flash not too disturb their concentration in an event where so much money is up for grabs.

Many other photos, including most of those from the Final match, the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony, all taking place tomorrow, will be published by this weekend or early next week when we return home from Atlantis as we are leaving first thing Friday morning.

The tournament room all set for Round 1 of PG Million.

Stephanie Kardos, Miss Gammon 2007, makes the public draw for Round 1

of the Main with Troy Longman and Sam Pottle of the tournament staff.

Players check out who plays who in Round 1.
The cool PartyGammon branded boards players are using in this event.
Jeremy Bagai is ready for his first match in this event.

Sam Pottle of the tournament team helped GammonLife with the

data on all the pairings and brackets. Thanks Sam!

World Champion Peter Jes Thomsen versus Julian Wilson in Round 1.
Play gets underway - they're rolling for $1 Million plus!
Another view from the other side of the room.
Ole Nielsen versus Volker Sonnabend in Round 1.
World Champion and Backgammon Giant Paul Magriel.
BG Giant #3 Francois Tardieu vs. Carlos Pinto.
Peter Heitmüller versus Sami Sallak - Round 1.
Abe Mosseri who went to Poker is back to Backgammon... for now.

Big Mike Svobodny, World Champion, BG Giant, but most of all

a real gentleman and a big supporter of backgammon worldwide.

The sweetest girl here - Stephanie Kardos - Miss Gammon 2007.


Photos by Michael Strato and Kathy Liberopoulos



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