PartyGammon Million Pictorial #9

Brazilian expert Armando Balbi.
Julian Fetterlein another of the UK's best.
Afghanistan's Najib Sallamzy, now living in Germany, is a winner of two past World Championship Super Jackpots.
Thomas Kazemieh-Ashdan.
John O'Hagan of the USA - Backgammon Giant #18.
German expert Andreas Humke.
Another great German player - Ronald Reinhardt.
Another top German, Volker Sonnabend, the 2001 Czech Open Champion.
The lovely Victoria Smirnoff in action.
Robert Wachtel of the USA - Backgammon Giant #18.
U.S. expert Jonah Seewald.
Jake Jacobs of the USA - Backgammon Giant #14.
Two-time Paris Masters Open winner - Ralf Jonas of Germany.
Ed Bennet, a U.S. player who has made it to the money in many events over the years, both in the USA and in Europe.
Mika Lidov - one of the top U.S. women players.
Steen Grønbech - President of the Danish Backgammon Federation.
2003 Paris Open Champion Eric Guedj of France.
Tevdor Pkhovelishvili


Photos by Michael Strato and Kathy Liberopoulos




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