PartyGammon Million Pictorial #11

Players get set to watch the final on the TV screens in Dragons Bar

at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas.

The board is set up waiting for the finalists to start.

Players discuss positions they came across during the competition

as they wait for the final match to begin.

Steen Grönbech, Danish Backgammon Federation President, Backgammon Giant #28, Masayuki Mochizuki of Japan, and Philip Vischjager of Holland, the 2006 World Champion of Backgammon. Steen gets ready to insert positions from the final into a backgammon program for post-analysis.

Finalist Andreas Märtens on the Dragons Patio sundeck is set to go

and waits for TV crew to get ready while...

...opponent Lasse Hjorth Madsen enjoys the scenery from the Dragons Patio as he mentally prepares for a match that will pay out the biggest money prize in the history of Backgammonn - a total of $744,496 was at stake - $600,400 went to the Winner while the Runner-Up pocketed $144,096 (though they did hedge some with an extra $100K or so going to second place).
Not your everyday chouette - backgammon greats (L to R) Frank Talbot, Ray Fogerlund, Jake Jacobs and Carter Mattig - and yes the cubes did fly.
Stephen Pearson (centre right), Managing Director of Player International, the organizer of this tournament, celebrates this pinnacle moment in backgammon with several friends just inside the Dragons Patio.
Julian Wilson and Kent Goulding provide commentary, watched by Sam Pottle.
Julian Fetterlein and Jürgen Orlowski under the watch of the Dragons.
TV's John Clark chats with Robert Wachtel.
German players react to a great roll by Andreas Märtens.
Märtens way ahead in the score but Madsen fought back to 22-22 to 23.
Scene from the filming of the final.

Player International's Stephen Pearson, Eddy Swaab, Backgammon

Giant #3 Francois Tardieu and Hans Helweg.

The crowd on one side of the bar watching a second screen behind the photographer - more spectators on this side watched the one over there.


Photos by Patrick Gibson, Michael Strato and Kathy Liberopoulos



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