Backgammon Problems by Mike Corbett

Backgammon Giant #30, Mike Corbett of the USA, has authored a new book called Backgammon Problems. Here's where you can read some comments on the book by other top backgammon pros as well as how to buy the book.

Mike’s book is not only articulate and fun to read, it is full of thought-provoking examples of problems that are accessible to many levels of player. It demonstrates Snowie’s usefulness, while simultaneously pointing out its shortcomings. I highly recommend it!

Paul Magriel

Kudos to Mike Corbett. This is one of the best problem Books I’ve seen. Creative, playful, and very smart, Mike shows us how to think outside the box while using Snowie as the assistance tool (and not final judge and jury) that it was created for. A+!

Mike Senkiewicz

Mike Corbett displays creativity, imagination, and craftsmanship in his erudite lucidation of key tactical concepts of play. His problems and solutions are fresh, provocative and informative.

Perry Gartner

While those who worship at the altar of Snowie might find Mr. Corbett’s writing irreverent or sacrilegious, he finds an excellent balance between exposing Snowie’s evaluation flaws while respecting invaluable use as a research tool in this delightful series of well-written articles.

The backgammon is top notch, but is surpassed by Mike’s wry wit and ability to entertain the reader while making his points. Definitely not another soporific, bland treatise on the correct way to play double ones in a long race.

Quotes from famous figures in history? Check

Suggestions on cooking exotic game? Check

Philosophical discussions of the human condition? Check

Sex therapy for the backgammon set? Check

“In short, in matters vegetable, animal and mineral, He is the very model of a modern Major-General” (Gilbert and Sullivan). The backgammon isn’t bad either. I like Mike’s book. Buy it.

Kent Goulding

Mike didn’t just write a book. From cover to final page it is a playful, profound little piece of art.

Pete Maddock

Mike Corbett's book can be purchased though Carol Joy Cole for $31.00 US (plus shipping). To reach Carol by email write to or check out Carol's online backgammon store at



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