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GammonLife is very lucky to have the best writers from the international backgammon community. Our editorial staff consists of the world's top players, analysts and even authors of famous backgammon books.

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Nack Ballard

Nack Ballard - GammonLife Columnist
Nack Ballard has been ranked the #1 or #2 backgammon player in the world since 1997. He is currently writing a new series of articles for GammonLife.com called Early Doubles. Go to Nack's personal section at the link below to read Article #1.

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Walter Trice

Walter Trice - GammonLife Columnist
Walter Trice was one of the USA's Top 10 players and an author of books. He also wrote several programs and numerous articles worldwide over a period of 30 years. His book, Backgammon Boot Camp, is an excellent read for the serious player.
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François Tardieu

François Tardieu - GammonLife Contributor
François Tardieu of France is the #3 Giant of Backgammon and has won the title of Champion of Europe three times. In 2006, he and partner Serge Rived, also of France, won the WBA European Doubles Championships.

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Robert-Jan Veldhuizen

Robert-Jan Veldhuizen - GNU Tutorial Writer
Robert-Jan Veldhuizen is a backgammon expert from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Robert-Jan plays online since 1994 as Zorba. He is an expert user of the GNUbg bot and has written a great tutorial about it for GammonLife readers.

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Mary Hickey

Mary Hickey - GammonLife Columnist
Mary Hickey, who plays online as mamabear, has taught and written about backgammon for many years. Mary has been the Ohio Player of the Year for numerous years in a row and has also won the Ohio Masters in 2002, 2003 and 2006.

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Paul Money

Paul Money - GammonLife Columnist
Paul Money, aka dorbel, is a UK expert and author of many strategy articles published worldwide. Paul is writing a backgammmon book to be released in the near future. His GammonLife series is aimed at helping novice players to reach a higher level of skill.

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Gregg Cattanach

Gregg Cattanach - GammonLife Reporter
Gregg Cattanach has been an avid participant in American Backgammon Tour tournaments since 1999 and stands #9 (2008) on the all-time ABT points list. Gregg has reported to GammonLife on ABT events he attended starting in July 2006.

Gregg's reports appear in the News Section

Frank Frigo

Frank Frigo - GammonLife Guest Columnist
Frank Frigo is the 1994 World Champion of Backgammon and will be writing for GammonLife periodically. Frank has some ideas on how to establish a new international ranking system for live tournament players.

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Phil Simborg

Phil Simborg - GammonLife Guest Columnist

Phil Simborg is a Chicago backgammon expert who has supported the game for more than 40 years. While Phil loves to share thoughts on strategy he also has written many articles about the lighter side, and the social values, of the game.
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Jay Bidal
Jay Bidal - GammonLife Guest Columnist
Jay Bidal is a backgammon expert from Canada who now lives in Abu Dhabi of the United Arab Emirates where he teaches English at Zayed University. Jay promotes live backgammon in Abu Dhabi and has won major titles there.
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